Commercial Freezer for Sports Centres – Things I need to look for when buying one?

Commercial Freezer for Sports CentresThere are several factors to think about when thinking to purchase a commercial freezer for sports centres and few of these aspects include:

  • – The size of the cabinet with in the commercial freezer and is it rated to in ambient temperature
  • – Do I have adequate ventilation to enable the commercial freezer function smoothly?
  • – Do I have the correct electrical power in the room where I want to operate the commercial freezer?
  • – Do I need a drain or tundish ahead of installing the commercial freezer?
  • – Is the door of the commercial freezer hinged on the right side for efficient operation?
  • – Would I be better with glass or solid door on the commercial freezer
  • – How do I get the commercial freezer in to my sports centres ie. are the entrance to our store big enough?

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