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Why Choose Artisan™ as Your Medical Vaccination Fridge Supplier in Australia

Artisan Commercial Fridges and Freezers is your premiere destination for medical vaccination fridges for sale in Australia. Our many years of experience, customer care and backup, highlights Artisan Food Equipment (AFE) as the leader in the commercial fridge and freezer industry in Australia. 

Who uses Artisan Commercial Refrigerators in Australia:

– Retail franchise outlets
– Supermarkets
– Corner shops
– Schools
– Butchers
– Delis
– Bakeries to name a few.


Australian Businesses That Uses Our Commercial Fridges, Freezers & Food Display Cabinets

You’ll find this family-run commercial fridges and freezers supplier in Australia will exceed your expectations and deliver a professional service you will long remember.

Since establishing in 1972, over 50 years ago, AFE have set exceptional standards in:

> Commercial Fridges
> Commercial Freezers
> Commercial Fridge Freezer Combos
> Glass Door Display Fridges
> Glass Door Display Freezers
> Stainless Steel Storage Fridges
> Stainless Steel Storage Freezers
> Stainless Steel Refrigerators
> Deli and Meat Display Counters
> Open Front Chillers
> Cake and Bakery Display Cases
> Under-Counter Fridges and Freezers
> Chest and Island Freezers
> Food Prep Counters
> Food Display Cases

When you choose Artisan Food Equipment for all your commercial refrigeration needs, you are assured of:

Quality Products – Guaranteed

Our products are manufactured and thoroughly tested in state-of-the-art facilities in Finland, Italy, Taiwan and Sydney, bringing you world renowned quality and innovation in commercial refrigeration and food display equipment.

Australian Owned and Operated

We are Australian family run business and we have been operating for over 40 years and we pride ourselves for having reliability, integrity, and honesty with our conduct at all times. We cater to each customer’s specific requirements, help customers get the best solutions for your business.

Delivery and Beyond

When you buy from us that is not the end of the story. We arrange the delivery and installation ourselves. We deliver to all part of Australia, we delivery fast and with care. If ever you need our help or advice in the future regarding your purchase, we will there for you.

Medical Fridges - Vaccination Fridges for Sale

Medical Vaccination Fridges

The Artisan Medical Fridge is Australia’s most popular vaccine fridge, manufactured in Denmark. The medical fridge is fully compliant with Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) Cold Chain Standards. It has a temperature range of 2°C to 8°C and contains adjustable shelves to suit your product specifications. It comes with a 3-year parts & Labour Warranty. The fridge is available in 2 different models to suit your specifications.

We sell a range of vaccine fridges and vaccine fridge accessories. Contact Artisan to discuss which medical fridge will best meet your requirements.

Artisan’s vaccine refrigerators which is also known as Drug Fridges or Medical Refrigerators are all purpose built. Our purpose built medical fridges are made for storage of temperature sensitive vaccines and medications.

These medical refrigerators have features such as fans to circulate the air to ensure an even temperature, alarms to notify if the temperature goes below minimum and maximum temperature recordings, and auto-defrost cycles.

If you are thinking of purchasing your next medical fridge, contact us to tap into our wealth of knowledge and choose the best vaccine fridge for you.

Let us know which type of glass door display freezers works well for your business and we will deliver as per your requirement.

Our glass door freezers are used by: 

 – Cafes

 – Bakeries

 – School Canteens

 – Service Stations

 – Super Markets