Arctic Ice Display Cabinet

A commercial fridge with finesse and flexibility

The Arctic Ice display  range of Fish and meat  counters has an amazing deep  stainless steel display deck, and is one of the most flexible commercial fridges on the market. Crafted in a distinctive square glass format with a vertical front mode, this attractive product delivers either a modern presence, as well as being perfect for a retro decor of old world hospitality.


The Arctic Ice  presents an impressive external display and the lengths, either way, can be adjusted to exactly fit your shop layout requirements. The built-in led lighting will also enhance the natural colour and visibility of your food display.


Arctic’s units are mobile, a tundish is recommended, electronic and digital with each cabinet only requiring a standard 10 amp power point. The perforated ice trays means that the ice can melt and easy drain away. Alternative you could utilize the cold plate base and rear static non-ventilated coil which is ideal for the display of seafood and fresh meat. 

An advanced commercial fridge for all conditions

The stainless steel rear bench is ideal for cutting, preparing and packing food. Boast front opening glass making way for easy cleaning and stock layout, rear sliding doors and the cold plate coil and rear static coil making it ideal for fresh meat and seafood. 


Lower portions of the cabinet can be dressed with any décor such as tiles, timber panelling, marble and laminate services… specifically in the form of low height mini hob wall.


modeldimensions Enquiries
M5603 1975mm W x 1280mm H x 1114mm D Add To Quote Cart
M5604 2475mm W x 1280mm H x 1114mm D Add To Quote Cart


  •  Cold plate style with rear back coil
  •  Static twin-coil refrigeration
  •  Deck takes loose ice directly on display
  •  Mobile
  •  Tundish (drain) required
  •  Ideal for fish, seafood and fresh meat