Bakers Buddy Large Commercial Freezer


  • All our commercial kitchen freezers are available with optional 150mm H Splash back
  • Lockable heavy duty wheels ensure easy manoeuvring
  • Fully adjustable Shelf & Tray Slides
  • Self Closing Doors with Open Dwell Action & “Easy Grip” Ergonomic Full Length Handles
  • Electronic Controls & digital read-out, Fully Automatic, Automatic Condensate Disposal & Heavy-duty condenser
  • Fits standard 29″ x 16″/ 18″ Racks & Shelves
  • Available in 1, 2 & 3 door models
Enquiries modeldoorslitres-nominaldimensions
Add To Quote Cart M1711 1 680L 760W x 2040H x 950D
Add To Quote Cart M1712 2 1100L 1220W x 2040H x 950D
Add To Quote Cart M1713 3 1750L 1820W x 2040H x 950D

Bakers Buddy Large Commercial Freezer

When it comes to commercial fridges, the Artisan ™ Bakers Buddy Large Upright Freezer is one of our proudest freezers in our Bakers Buddy product line. Its large capacity is capable to store up to 50 racks and shelves in total, making it the biggest freezer available to food business owners in the industry. The beauty of the Bakers Buddy Large Upright Freezer is that its racks and shelves dimensions match the ones you use for your oven, increasing your business efficiency as there is no need to worry about double-handling. Its heated door frames are also manufactured from 100% high quality stainless steel to keep the inside temperature consistent and stable. With that whatever your produce or store in the Bakers Buddy Large Upright Freezer will be freshly preserved.

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