Gourmet Large Upright Gastronorm Chiller


  • Tropicalised Gastronorm Fridge
  • Gastronorm compatible: 2-off x 1/1-size per shelf
  • 5 levels of adjustable stainless steel wire shelves (530mm W x 650mm D) + base
  • Automatic demisting of fascias
  • Rated for 43°C ambient working conditions
  • Top mounted works
  • Chiller: -1°C to 4°C
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Add To Quote Cart M1801 760mm W x 2040mm H x 860mm D 1 600L Chiller (-1 to +4 degrees C)
Add To Quote Cart M1802 1360mm W x 2040mm H x 860mm D 2 1200L Chiller (-1 to +4 degrees C)

Gourmet Large Upright Gastronorm Chiller

The Gourmet Large Upright Gastronorm Chiller is a commercial refrigeration solution, perfect for a commercial kitchen, catering, bakery, café, canteen, or hospitability establishment. They include 5 levels of adjustable wire shelves to suit your product specifications. The chiller is capable of maintaining a temperature between -1°C to 4°C, excellent for keeping your food products at a naturally fresh and preserved state. It is available with 1 & 2 door models with different storage capacities, allowing you to choose the right equipment to suit your business specifications.

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