Commercial Sliding Door Display FridgesArtisan Food Equipment is your premiere commercial fridge supplier in Australia. Our many years of experience in the commercial fridge sector, customer care and backup, highlights our name, Artisan Food Equipment, as the leader in the commercial fridge industry.

Since establishing in 1972, AFE have set exceptional standards in commercial food display and storage fridges, chiller and freezer sales as well as sourcing spare parts for commercial fridges and dispensing helpful advice.

It is easy to find all your Commercial Fridges online on our website or at our Commercial Fridge warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne. Whether you are operating a restaurant, cafe or any other hospitality business, call your leading commercial fridge supplier in Australia today to learn more about our wide range of Commercial Fridges to meet your requirements.

We sell both commercial display fridges and commercial upright fridges. Find below, a full range of Commercial Fridges.

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Commercial Chillers for Sale

Top Mounted Glass Door Display Fridges

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The Top Mounted Glass Door Display Fridge can operate as a commercial fridge, deli display fridge, drink storage fridge, fresh food display fridge or meat display fridge.

This top mounted commercial refrigerator is designed for use in any commercial, retail, institutional, commercial kitchen to provide excellent visibility and convenience to your customers. Learn more

Glass Door Fridges Top Mounted WorksGlass Display Chillers for Sale

Base Mounted Glass Door Display Fridges

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The Artisan ™ Glass Door Display Fridges are the perfect solution for refrigerated food display requirements. It excels as a commercial fridge, drink fridge, deli display fridge, meat display fridge, fresh food display fridge, of the highest quality.

This base mount glass door display fridge is suitable at any kitchen, storage, and cooking line area for food businesses such as cafes, restaurants, canteens, bakeries, and fast foods. Learn more…

Glass Door Display Fridges for Sale Base Mounted Glass Door Commercial Fridges

Sliding Glass Door Chillers

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The Artisan™ Sliding Glass Door Commercial Fridges are excellent refrigeration solution for every food display requirement as it can be operated as a commercial fridge, fresh food display fridge, deli display fridge, meat display fridge, drink fridge, of the highest quality.

The new sliding glass door design now allows easy accessibility to products for you, your staff, and your customers, as well as greater positioning options in your business environment. It is truly the optimal display chiller for your cold food products. Learn more…

Sliding Glass Door Display Fridges

Stainless Steel Storage Chillers

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The Artisan Standard Stainless Steel Storage Commercial Fridge is a commercial refrigeration solution, perfect for a commercial kitchen, catering, bakery, cafe, canteen, or hospitality establishment.

These Commercial Storage Fridges include 4 levels of adjustable wire shelves to suit your product specifications,  as well as self-closing doors with open “dwell” for easy loading and access for you and your staff. Learn more…

Standard Steel Storage Commercial Fridges Commercial Steel Storage Fridges