Our Display & Storage Brochures

Sorrento ‐ Food Preparation Counters

This Sorrento brochure contains a variety of food prep counters, chillers and freezers suitable for pizzerias, restaurants, or any other hospitality business. Built with stainless steel, our products are designed to suit any catering environment, are conveniently mobile, and offer custom options to best suit your individual business needs.

Cuisine ‐ Food Display Counters

This Cuisine brochure contains the details of essential food display counters that you would need for your cafés, bakeries, or any other foodservice store you own. With a variety of different products and equipment such as display counters, display cases, food bars, ice-cream display cabinets, minimart freezers, and their respective sizes and features available, you will be able to effectively showcase your products to consumers and entice them to purchase.

Bakery, Cafe & Patisserie Food Displays

This Paris-Riviera -Le Chef and food display brochure contains all refrigerated, ambient and heated display cases for your bakery, café or food service business. With a variety of different designs and specifications, as well as the unique capability for storage of standard racks used in your oven, these ultra-modern, efficient  Artisan Food Equipment products will not only improve the efficiency of your business, but will enhance and display your products at their best.

Bakers Buddy ‐ Bakery Storage Chillers & Freezers

This Bakers Buddy brochure contains all the necessary bakery friendly storage chillers and freezers equipment for your bakery business. With its unique capability to store the same standard racks and shelves for your oven, you will be able to save time, labour and money when purchasing Artisan products.

Arctic Classic ‐ Meat & Deli Display Cases

This Artic Classic brochure contains meat-deli-fish-cafe cabinets, display fridges, minimart freezers and more for everything that you need for your butcher, supermarket, or local food store business. Displaying a range of produce such as fish & seafood, poultry & meat, fruits & vegetables, and frozen foods, you can count on Artisan Food Equipment products to effectively showcase your products to look their best.

Coldmart – Open Front Display Fridges

This Coldmart brochure contains a variety of different coldmart display fridges designed for all sorts of produce, ranging from vegetables, poultry, meats, to deli products and frozen foods. Such available and essential equipment for supermarket or local food store businesses include display fridges, upright chillers & freezers, and minimart freezers, with optional additional features that can aid presentation of your products.

Upright & Under-counter Chillers & Freezers

This Upright & Under-counter Chillers & Freezers brochure contains information on display chillers, freezers and combos as well as under-counter, storage and blast chillers and freezers.  Custom optioned models are also detailed and include customisations such as split glass door cabinets, view-through, and pass-through model options.

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Why choose Artisan™ ?

Commercial Fridges and Freezers for Sale in Australia

Artisan Commercial Fridges and Freezers is your premiere destination for commercial fridges and freezers for sale in Australia. Our many years of experience, customer care and backup, highlights Artisan Food Equipment (AFE) as the leader in the commercial fridge and freezer industry in Australia.

Since establishing in 1972, nearly 50 years ago, AFE have set exceptional standards in:

  • Commercial Fridges
  • Commercial Freezers
  • – Commercial Fridge and Freezer Combos
  • – Commercial Open Front Chiller Display Cases
  • – Commercial Meat Deli Display Counters
  • – Cake and Bakery Display Cases
  • – Commercial Under Counter Chillers, Freezers & Combos
  • – Commercial Blast Freezers
  • – Chest Freezers
  • – Island Display Freezers
  • – Food Display Bars
  • – Spare parts for commercial fridges

Who uses Artisan Commercial Fridges and Freezers in Australia:

  • – Retail franchise outlets
  • – Supermarkets
  • – Corner shops
  • – Schools
  • – Butchers
  • – Delis
  • – Bakeries to name a few.

You’ll find this family-run commercial fridges and freezers supplier in Australia will exceed your expectations and deliver a professional service you will long remember.

Choose Artisan Food Equipment for all your commercial refrigeration needs.

Quality Products – Guaranteed

Our products are manufactured and thoroughly tested in state-of-the-art facilities in Finland, Italy, Taiwan and Sydney, bringing you world renowned quality and innovation in commercial refrigeration and food display equipment.

Australian Owned and Operated

We are Australian family run business and we have been operating for over 40 years and we pride ourselves for having reliability, integrity, and honesty with our conduct at all times. We cater to each customer’s specific requirements, help customers get the best solutions for your business.

Delivery and Beyond

When you buy from us that is not the end of the story. We arrange the delivery and installation ourselves. We deliver to all part of Australia, we delivery fast and with care. If ever you need our help or advice in the future regarding your purchase, we will there for you.