Arctic Ice Cold Display Fridge Cabinets


  •  Cold plate style with rear back coil
  •  Static twin-coil refrigeration
  •  Deck takes loose ice directly on display
  •  Mobile
  •  Tundish (drain) required
  •  Ideal for fish, seafood and fresh meat
Enquiries modeldimensions
Add To Quote Cart M5601 1350mm W x 1280mm H x 1114mm D
Add To Quote Cart M5603 1975mm W x 1280mm H x 1114mm D
Add To Quote Cart M5604 2575mm W x 1280mm H x 1114mm D

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Arctic Ice Cold Display Fridge Cabinets

Arctic Ice Display Fridge Count Fish and Meat MarketsThe Arctic Ice cold display fridge cabinet range for Fish and Meat counters has an amazing deep stainless steel display deck, and is one of the most flexible commercial display fridges on the market. 

Crafted in a distinctive square glass format with a vertical front mode, this attractive refrigerated display fridge cabinet delivers either a modern presence, as well as being perfect for a retro decor of old world hospitality.

Web Site Pricing for the Square Glass Arctic Ice Fish and Seafood, Fish and Meat Display Cabinets

There are many factors and reasons for price variations with square glass Arctic Ice refrigerated display cabinets, which is designed to work with or without ice, some of which are:::

  • * The warranty offered…. Artisan Food Equipment offers an excellent after sales care and warranty
  • * The finish i.e stainless steel
  • * Rear work Bench
  • * This unit can have ice inserted inside to add to the display or can be used without ice
  • * The Arctic Ice is a static display cabinet meaning the unit is not fan forced, showcasing your produce at its best.
  • * Toughened glass front glass
  • * Where are they manufactured, all our Arctic Ice range is designed, engineered and fully manufactured in Europe.
  • * Quality of the componentry i.e type of compressor, controllers, lighting, type of fans, refrigerant used etc.. Artisan Food Equipment componentry is sources and manufactured to the highest standards in world class factories.
  • * Do they use energy saving LED’s as Artisan does or fluorescent and how many come with the unit, also the choice to have white/daylight or pink/red meat/deli lamps…. Artisan Food Equipment’s commitment to produce fridges that save on energy and are recyclable as at the core of what we do
  • * The size of the unit and the volume or square metres of display
  • * Are the doors and glass panels easily removable to cleaning, maintenance and loading of product in the cabinet. The Arctic Ice’s rear display doors are easily and quickly removable and the front glass hinges up for this purpose.
  • * Is the unit an auto defrost….which all of Artisan Models are
  • * The units are fully self-contained meaning no additional plumbing is required, the units require standard 10amp/240-volt power and are easily and quickly installed. Being self-contained means they can be easily moved for cleaning or seasonal changes you may wish to make to the lay out of your store….giving you ultimate in flexibility.
  • * Plus many more features on the Artisan models we would be glad to discuss……

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