Tiffany Cake Display Case


  • Tiffany Cake Display Case
  • +1°C to +4°C or higher if needed
  • Internal display height 250mm
  • LED lighting
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Mobile on castors
  • Tropicalised with auto-demisting
  • Electronic digital temperature display and control
  • Fully self-contained
  • Auto defrost and self-evap system
  • Three lengths
Enquiries modeldimensionspull-out-display-drawers
Add To Quote Cart M3712 1200mm W x 1000mm H x 700mm D
Add To Quote Cart M3715 1500mm W x 1000mm H x 700mm D
Add To Quote Cart M3718 1800mm W x 1000mm H x 700mm D

Tiffany Cake Display Case

The Artisan™ ‘Tiffany’ Cake Display Case is the perfect commercial refrigeration to showcase your finest creations such as cakes, pastries or donuts to your clients. The square glass end view offers an eye-catching presentation of your products in convenient stores, bakeries and grocery stores.

The Tiffany display case comes with the option of convenient pull-out display drawers or sliding rear doors. Three lengths are available to best suit your specification or can be customized to suit your height and length.

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