Bakers Buddy Large Under Bench Freezers


  • Our Large Under Bench Freezers are Available in 2 or 3 Door Models
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Doors
  • Quality Trusted Brand Danfos Compressor
  • Auto Defrost
  • On Lockable Castors for Easy Maneuvering
  • Adjustable Digital Thermostat Controller
  • 6 Adjustable Tray Slides Per Door (Fits both 16 & 18 Inch Trays/ Wires)
  • Automatic Demisting Facia’s
  • Self Closing Doors (Saving Power and Energy)
  • Full Self Contained Cupplied
  • Fridge Freezer Combos also Available
  • Optional 150mm H Splash Back Available
Enquiries modelwires-traysdoorsdimensions
Add To Quote Cart M2432 12 2 1800mm W x 930mm D x 860mm H
Add To Quote Cart M2433 18 3 2400mm W x 930mm D x 860mm H

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Bakers Buddy Large Under Bench Freezers

Our Artisan™ Commercial Large Under Bench Freezers are designed to meet the rigorous demands of commercial kitchens and foodservice establishments. Available in 2 or 3 door models, these under bench freezers offer optimal storage solutions without compromising valuable kitchen space. Featuring high-quality stainless steel doors and equipped with trusted Danfos compressors, these units ensure reliable performance and longevity. Whether you need under bench freezers for a bustling restaurant or compact under bench freezers for a smaller establishment, our range is designed to cater to your specific needs.

Key Features of Bakers Buddy Large Under Counter Freezers:

– Model Options: Available in 2 or 3 door models to suit various kitchen sizes and requirements.

– High-Quality Stainless Steel Doors: Durable and easy to clean, ensuring a professional appearance and hygiene.

– Danfos Compressor: Trusted brand compressor known for its reliability and efficiency.

– Auto Defrost: Minimizes manual maintenance and ensures the unit remains efficient.

– Lockable Castors: Easy maneuvering and repositioning with lockable castors for added stability.

– Adjustable Digital Thermostat Controller: Precision temperature control to meet your specific cooling requirements.

– Adjustable Tray Slides: Each door features 6 adjustable tray slides compatible with both 16 and 18-inch trays/wires.

– Automatic Demisting Facias: Keeps the display clear and visible at all times.

– Self-Closing Doors: Reduces energy consumption by ensuring doors close automatically.

– Fully Self-Contained: Ready to use out of the box, requiring no additional installation.

– Fridge Freezer Combos: Available to provide both refrigeration and freezing solutions in one unit.

– Optional 150mm H Splash Back: Enhances hygiene and protects the surrounding area from spills and splashes.

Our Large Under Bench Freezers Are Ideal For:

– Restaurants

– Cafes

– Catering Businesses

– Commercial Kitchens

– Food Service Establishments

– Other Commercial Establishments

Why Choose Our Bakers Buddy Under Bench Freezers?

– Compact and Efficient: Our under bench freezers provide ample storage while maximizing kitchen space. Ideal for busy kitchens where space is at a premium.

– Versatile Storage Options: Adjustable tray slides make it easy to organize and access your products, fitting both 16 and 18-inch trays/wires.

– Energy Saving: Features like self-closing doors and adjustable digital thermostats help reduce energy consumption, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

– Mobility and Stability: Lockable castors ensure the freezers can be easily moved for cleaning or reorganization, yet remain stable when in use.

– Durability: Constructed with high-quality stainless steel, these freezers are built to withstand the demands of a commercial environment.

For those looking for reliable, efficient, and space-saving solutions, our commercial large under bench freezers are the perfect choice. Whether you need under bench display freezers for visibility or under-bench freezers drawers for organized storage, our product range meets all your commercial refrigeration needs.

Top Frequently Asked Questions about Our Large Commercial Under Bench Freezers

1. What are the available models for large commercial under bench freezers?

Answer: Our large under bench freezers are available in 2 or 3 door models, allowing you to choose the configuration that best fits your kitchen’s storage needs and space constraints.

2. What is the material used for the doors of the large under counter freezers?

Answer: The doors are made of high-quality stainless steel, which ensures durability, easy cleaning, and a professional appearance that meets hygiene standards in commercial kitchens.

3. What type of compressor is used in these under bench freezers?

Answer: Our under bench freezers are equipped with a trusted Danfos compressor, known for its reliability, efficiency, and long-lasting performance.

4. How does the auto defrost feature work in the large under bench freezers?

Answer: The auto defrost feature automatically melts away frost build-up inside the freezer, reducing the need for manual defrosting and ensuring consistent performance and efficiency.

5. Are the large under counter freezers easy to move?

Answer: Yes, the large under-counter freezers are designed with lockable castors, allowing for easy maneuvering and repositioning while ensuring stability when locked in place.

6. Can the temperature be adjusted easily?

Answer: Absolutely. Each freezer comes with an adjustable digital thermostat controller, enabling precise temperature settings to meet your specific cooling requirements.

7. How many trays can each door hold, and what sizes are compatible?

Answer: Each door features 6 adjustable tray slides that can accommodate both 16-inch and 18-inch trays/wires, providing flexible storage options.

8. Do the doors in the large under counter fridges have any special features?

Answer: Yes, the doors are self-closing, which helps save energy by ensuring the doors close automatically. Additionally, they feature automatic demisting facias to keep the display clear.

9. Are fridge freezer combos available in this product line?

Answer: Yes, we offer fridge freezer combos that provide both refrigeration and freezing solutions in a single unit, offering versatility and convenience.

10. Is there an option for a splash back in the large under bench freezers, and what are its benefits?

Answer: An optional 150mm high splash back is available. This feature enhances hygiene by protecting the surrounding area from spills and splashes, making cleaning easier and maintaining a cleaner workspace.

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