Glass Door Display Freezers

The Artisan™ Glass Door Freezers are the perfect solution for every frozen food display requirements. It excels as a commercial freezer, display freezer, ice cream freezer, of the highest quality.

Glass Door Freezers Top Mounted Works
Glass Door Freezers Top Mounted Works

The Artisan™ Glass Door Freezers are the perfect solution for every frozen food display requirements. It excels as a commercial freez...

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There are many important features to consider when buying a freezer for a commercial kitchen other than the size and capacity,

Tropical Rating of Display Freezers: The location’s  room temperature conditions will affect the performance of the commercial glass door freezers. You need to choose a display freezer that is powerful enough to cope with the ambient temperatures in your kitchen.

For example, a tropical-rated freezer is a suitable glass door freezer if the  temperatures regularly climb above 32°C. The most heavy duty commercial freezers will excel in conditions of up to 43°C.

Glass Door Freezers Energy Efficiency: Energy saving features such as self-closing doors on glass door freezers or additional insulation can help to make a freezer more energy efficient. For instance, chest freezers are usually more efficient as they have top opening which makes it harder for cold air to escape, however size of the commercial freezer plays a big part too – smaller units like under counter freezers tend to be the most efficient.


Auto Defrost Mechanism: It is inevitable that all commercial freezers will accumulate ice over time. The performance and lifespan of a commercial freezer will reduce dramatically as ice build-up increases. Choose a commercial display freezer with a built-in automatic defrost system, which will help you with the time-consuming task of manually defrosting your glass door freezers.

Security: Some commercial display freezers feature lockable doors, giving you peace of mind that your valuable frozen stock is safe and secure at all times.

Display Freezers with Self Closing Doors: Self-closing doors on glass door freezers will come in really handy if you have got your hands full after unloading a freezer. They help also help you in saving energy and reduce running costs too. Some glass door freezers use a pedal opening  mechanism so you can open them without needing to use your hands – an even more hygienic solution.

Access to Display Freezers: How often do you plan to open the doors on your display freezers? For infrequent use, a lighter duty commercial display freezer may be suitable. However, for constant access you’ll need a glass door freezer with a more powerful compressor to ensure it holds its temperature reliably.


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