Chrystal Mountain Ice Machines


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Easy Clean Filter
  • Air Cooled
  • C.E. Approved
  • Optional Water Cooled
  • Optional LCD Screen
  • Ice Cube Size Options
  • Moon (Half-round Ice) or Flake Ice Options  
Enquiries modelwidth-depth-heightbin-sizeamps
Add To Quote Cart M6101 460mm x 460mm x 640mm 9 (Kg) 2.5
Add To Quote Cart M6102 530mm x 600mm x 770mm 22 (Kg) 2.5
Add To Quote Cart M6103 610mm x 650mm x 910mm/1030mm 40(Kg) 3
Add To Quote Cart M6104 610mm x 650mm x 1100mm 60 (Kg) 3.5
Add To Quote Cart M6105 560mm x 800mm x 1520mm 136 (Kg) 4
Add To Quote Cart M6106 560mm x 800mm x 1710mm 136 (Kg) 5.5
Add To Quote Cart M6107 760mm x 820mm x 1580mm 180 (Kg) 6
Add To Quote Cart M6108 760mm x 820mm x 1780mm 272 (Kg) 6.5
Add To Quote Cart M6109 760mm x 820mm x 1950mm 272 (Kg) 7.5
Add To Quote Cart M6110 1000mm x 820mm x 1910mm 400 (Kg) 9
Add To Quote Cart M6111 1220mm x 820mm x 1780mm 453 (Kg) 12
Add To Quote Cart M6112 1220mm x 820mm x 1780mm 453 (Kg) 14
Add To Quote Cart M6113 1220mm x 820mm x 1950mm 453 (Kg) 16

Chrystal Mountain Ice Machines


Kg / 24 Hr Production at Ambience / Water Temperature

Bin Size

240v 50 Hz)

Size (mm)

10°C / 10°C

21°C / 10°C

32°C / 21°C



W x D x H

22 Kg

17 Kg

15 Kg



460 x 460 x 640

60 Kg

48 Kg

40 Kg



530 x 600 x 770

90 Kg

72 Kg

60 Kg



610 x 650 x 910/1030

145 Kg

90 Kg

75 Kg



610 x 650 x 1100

180 Kg

115 Kg

95 Kg



560 x 800 x 1520

260 Kg

170 Kg

140 Kg



560 x 800 x 1710

300 Kg

240 Kg

210 Kg



760 x 820 x 1580

380 Kg

285 Kg

250 Kg



760 x 820 x 1780

480 Kg

385 Kg

320 Kg



760 x 820 x 1950

520 Kg

400 Kg

350 Kg



1000 x 820 x 1910

600 Kg

480 Kg

400 Kg



1220 x 820 x 1780

700 Kg

520 Kg

430 Kg



1220 x 820 x 1780

850 Kg

620 Kg

550 Kg



1220 x 820 x 1950

Which commercial ice machine is best for your business?

Whether you require ice cubes for drinks, flakes for food display and storage or crushed for cocktails, finding the right ice maker machine has never been easier.

For any hospitality and food service business that requires large volumes of ice, ice machines becomes vital. Also a key addition to supermarkets and food retail premises where ice is required for specialist food displays, they deliver vital high quality and consistently sized and shaped ice on demand. Creating safe, hygienic and pure ice, ice machines often use either jet or spray systems to inject fresh water into moulds where it freezes before being harvested into an ice bin ready for retireval.

Ice makers are designed to deal with high demand and withstand the rigours associated with commercial use. Offering a variety of dilution rates, cooling rates and clarity in a full range of sizes and shapes, choosing the right machine for the job is simple.

Available as integral units with storage bins built-in or as modular equipment where the refrigeration unit is separate to the ice bin, there is a design and layout to meet the ice requirements of every business.

Having been trading for over 40 years in the commercial refrigeration sector, we can provide you with invaluable advice in choosing the correct ice makers. Whether you require an air-cooled ice maker or a water-cooled ice flaker, Artisan Food Equipment can assist you. We are also proud to offer Australia wide delivery on all of our ice makers.

Our comprehensive customer service doesn’t end once you’ve received your ice machine – you’ll benefit from a complete aftercare service.

If you wish to purchase your very first ice machine or need to replace an existing ice maker machine, we’re here to help you. If you can’t find the ice machine you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to call us – our friendly team will do their very best to meet your needs.

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