Bakers Buddy Large Upright Combo

The Bakers Buddy allows you to chill or freeze your product on the same standard baking racks & shelves that you use in your oven. It is perfect as commercial kitchen equipment, commercial catering equipment, canteen equipment, hospitality equipment and numerous other scenarios.

The Artisan ™ Bakers Buddy Large Upright Combo is the kitchen appliances every kitchen should have. As listed in the name, the Bakers Buddy Large Upright Combo is a combination of both a chiller and freezer, quintessential for food businesses with a vast range of food inventory that requires multiple handling works. The chillers can produce temperatures between -1°C to 4°C, and the freezers can produce between -18°C to -22°C. It is also important to note that the racks and shelves used in this equipment match the dimensions of the ones you use for your oven, elminating the worry about double-handling, ultimately increasing efficiency of your business operations.

modeldoors-litresdimensions Enquiries
M1722 Left-hand door 550L chiller; right-hand door 550L freezer 1220W x 2040H x 930D Add To Quote Cart


  • Lockable heavy duty wheels ensure easy manoeuvring
  • Fully adjustable Shelf & Tray Slides
  • Self Closing Doors with Open Dwell Action & ‘Easy Grip’ Ergonomic Full Length Handles
  • Electronic Controls & digital read-out, Fully Automatic, Automatic Condensate Disposal & Heavy-duty condenser
  • Fits standard 29″ x 16″/ 18″ Racks & Shelves 
  • Available in 1, 2 & 3 door models