Arctic Plus Deli and Meat Display Cabinet (Supersedes Arctic Supreme)


  • All our Plus features of Meat Display Cabinet plus
  • External & Internal Corners
  • Curved Glass
  • 830mm Stainless Steel Display Deck
  • Self-Contained
  • Mobile
  • No Drainage Required
  • STD Power Point
  • Curved Toughened Glass
  • “Lift-up” Gas-strut Fronts
  • Ventilated & Cold Base
  • LED Lighting
  • Work-Bench
  • Rear Slide Doors (Acrylic)
  • Optional Product Dividers & Scale Pads
  • Full Refrigerated Storage Underneath
  • Mobile on Hidden Castors
  • Digital Controls
  • Auto Defrost
  • Ready to Plug-in

Arctic Plus Deli and Meat Display Cabinet (Supersedes Arctic Supreme)

A commercial fridge with finesse and flexibility

The Arctic Plus range of meat deli and general food counters has an amazing 830mm stainless steel display deck, and is one of the most flexible commercial fridges on the market. Crafted in a distinctive curved glass format with a distinct stylish European curve, this attractive product delivers  a modern presence, as well as being perfect for a clear display of old world hospitality.


The square corner presents an impressive external display and the lengths, either way, can be adjusted to exactly fit your shop layout requirements. The built-in led lighting will also enhance the natural colour and visibility of your food display.


Arctic’s units are mobile, self contained, electronic and digital with each cabinet only requiring a standard 10 amp power point. The easily accessible condensate tray ensures no need of drains or expensive condensate disposal.

An advanced commercial fridge for all conditions

The stainless steel rear bench is ideal for cutting, preparing and packing food. Boasting expansive storage as well as being fully refrigerated, the underneath units are extremely adaptable to all applications, including high volume — an essential feature for deli and fast food retailers requiring a commercial fridge with style as well as substance.


Lower portions of the cabinet can be dressed with any décor such as tiles, timber panelling, marble and laminate services… specifically in the form of low height mini hob wall.


Another wonderful feature of the Arctic models is its flexibility to cater for either hot or cold food retailing. Along with deluxe refrigerated models, comes a matching  Bain Marie  wide heat lamps overhead and heated water underneath.

The Arctic Supreme is backed by Artisan’s long standing reputation of customer service and customer commitment.