Big Bear Blast Chiller, M1743-1

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M1743 2 500L 900mmW x 900mmD x 2030mmH Add To Quote Cart


  • Our Blast Chiller is one of the biggest commercial chiller freezers on the market
  • Fitted with 15 sets of adjustable runners to take your standard 29″ x 16″/18″ racks & shelves… just like your Bakers Buddy and oven
  • On Castors
  • Split Doors (full height inside)
  • Auto defrost
  • Electronic/ digital controller
  • Drain required
  • 20amp 240 volt power
  • Stainless Steel      
Enquiries modeldoorslitres-nominaldimensions
Add To Quote Cart M1743 2 500L 900mmW x 900mmD x 2030mmH

Save time, reduce wastage and watch your profit with our Blast Chiller Freezer. Must-have technology in successful commercial kitchens.

When it comes to huge commercial fridges, the Artisan ™ Big Bear Blast Freezer is the biggest freezer appliances in our category. As you can tell by the name, it is bigger, chiller, and more powerful than any other freezer in this category. It is able to chill and freeze products up to -40°C making your produce preserved and extended longer than before. From top to bottom and left to right it is covered with 100% stainless steel, separating the outside air from inside to ensure high quality and freshness.

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