How to Save Money on Energy or Power Costs with Commercial Fridges and Freezers

How to Save Money on Energy or Power Costs with Commercial Fridges and Freezers

In a business that relies on freezers and refrigerators, the cost of running these can be a considerable expenditure. Unlike other power-reliant parts of your business, you can’t just hit the switch in the evening and save on your operating costs.

Fridges and freezers need to run 24/7, but there are some things you can do to reduce the amount of power your fridge and freezers require. This article will cover our top nine tips for reducing refrigeration and freezer energy costs.

1. Keep the Freezer Full, But Let the Fridge Have Some Space

Freezers will operate more efficiently when full, and fridges prefer free space to allow airflow. If you have extra room, you can fill the space in your freezer with bags of ice.

If you’re packing your fridge too tightly, it may be best to invest in another fridge and keep them free enough for the air to circulate better. You’ll find that fridges work best when they’re about 2/3rds full. A fridge with air space inside can keep food fresher for longer.

2. Avoiding Adding Hot Foods

When you need to store hot food, it’s best to allow them to cool down first and then place them in the freezer or fridge. Placing hot food in a fridge will only add extra heat, and your fridge will need to work overtime to reduce the overall temperature.

3. Keep the Doors Closed

When your fridge is organised correctly, your staff can open it and grab what they need without spending too much time with the door open. Opening the door will let all the cold air out and keep them closed as much as possible.

4. Monitor Temperatures

Regularly checking the temperatures can indicate if your appliances are working at peak efficiency. Fridges should be kept at 4oC and freezers at -18oC. You may find the setting on your appliances to be altered depending on seasonal changes.

5. Watch for Frost Build-up

Frost build-up inside a freezer can quickly become a problem and stop your freezer from working efficiently. If your freezer has a manual defrost mode, ensure it is defrosted according to the schedule. If there is more than 1cm of frost in the freezer, it must be defrosted.

Defrost Frozen Foods in the Fridge

If you have frozen foods that need to be defrosted, you can place them in the freezer. Frozen food will help keep the fridge cool, so the appliance has to do less work. Defrosting foods in a fridge is not only more hygienic, but it can save you on power costs.

Give Your Appliances Some Space

Avoid placing boxes or other materials around your appliances. Your fridge and freezer need room around it so they can work efficiently. If items are stored around your appliances, they’ll need to work harder to remove any hot air.

Watch Out for Dusty Coils

Regularly check the coils of your appliance and ensure they are clean. If the coils are covered in dust and other debris, they can’t work efficiently, and the appliance will need to draw more power.

If you need to clean the coils, turn the fridge off and use a vacuum cleaner and a coil brush. Cleaning the coils should be completed at least once every six months.

Check the Seals

A sure sign that your seals need replacing is condensation on the outside. Leaking seals is the main culprit in temperature loos inside a fridge or freezer. You can check your seals with a piece of paper. Close the door with the paper in the way, and the door will hold it tight. If you can remove the paper quickly, you’ll probably need to clean or replace the seals.

Keep Your Appliances Serviced to Ensure They Function Properly

It is easy to forget about looking after your larger appliances in a commercial setting. Having your fridge serviced by a professional team will mean you don’t need to worry about maintenance, as it’ll be taken care of when required.

To ensure your appliances are getting the best care possible and running to their peak efficiency, they are recommended at least once every three months. You’ll get many years out of your fridges and freezers with good maintenance and care, and they won’t cost the earth to run!

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