Stainless Steel Freezer for Storage


  • Stainless Steel Commercial Upright Freezer
  • Tropicalised
  • Available in one, two or three bay models
  • Heavy-duty construction and operation
  • Mobile
  • Stainless steel split doors
  • Self-closing doors with open ‘dwell’ for loading
  • Four levels of adjustable wire shelves
  • Forced draught refrigeration
  • Automatic demisting of fascias
  • Frost-free
  • Electronic digital temperature display and control
  • Time saving and cost effective automatic defrost and automatic water disposal
  • No drain required
  • CFC-free polyurethane insulation
  • Rated for 40°C ambient working conditions
  • Top mounted works
  • Freezer: -18°C to -22°C  
Enquiries modelbaydoorsdimensions
Add To Quote Cart M1611 1 1 X full height 760W x 2040H x 750D
Add To Quote Cart M1612 2 2 X full height 1220W x 2040H x 750(D)
Add To Quote Cart M1613 3 3 X full height 1820W x 2040H x 750D
Add To Quote Cart M1621 1 2 X 1/2 760W x 2040H x 750D
Add To Quote Cart M1622 2 4 X 1/2 1220W x 2040H x 750(D)
Add To Quote Cart M1623 3 6 X 1/2 1820W x 2040H x 750D

Stainless Steel Freezer for Storage

Commercial Storage Freezers

An excellent choice for commercial refrigeration, the Artisan Standard Stainless Steel Storage Freezer has become an essential utility equipment for all kitchen environments, whether you’re in a commercial kitchen, catering, bakery, cafe, canteen, or hospitality establishment. Our freezers are capable to maintain temperatures between -18°C to -22°C, and have between 1 to 6 stainless steel split doors available to allow you to organise your food products effectively for easy allocation. It is also important to note that our freezers have 4 levels of adjustable wire shelves, making it flexible  for your product specifications and business preference. It is the perfect commercial storage freezer to keep your food products and items in great condition.

These deluxe commercial freezers come with a digital control making them one of the most versatile storage freezers being auto defrost reducing down time. the 1 door or  1 bay cabinets are fitted with the quality heavy duty Danfoss compressor and the 2 and 3 bay cabinets are fitted with a Hitachi rotary compressor delivering energy savings, and longevity.

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