Bakers Buddy Large Under Bench Freezers


  • All our under bench freezers are available with optional 150mm H Splash back
  • Lockable heavy duty wheels ensure easy manoeuvering
  • Fully adjustable Shelf & Tray Slides
  • Self Closing Doors with Open Dwell Action
  • “Easy Grip” Ergonomic Full Length Handles
  • Electronic Controls & digital read-out
  • Automatic Condensate Disposal & Heavy-duty condenser
  • Fits standard 29″ x 16″/ 18″ Racks & Shelves
  • Available in 1, 2 & 3 door models
Enquiries modeldimensionsdoors
Add To Quote Cart M2432 1800L x 850H (750H + castors) x 930D 2
Add To Quote Cart M2433 2400L x 850H (750H + castors) x 930D 3

Bakers Buddy Large Under Bench Freezers

The Artisan™ Bakers Large Under-counter freezer is another important appliance for your kitchen and staff. Our models come with both solid door and glass door freezers, allowing you to easily locate your produce or other food items inside. This helps not only improve the appearance value of your food products, but also the practicalities to your kitchen efficiency. It is also important to note that the racks and shelves used in the Bakers large under-counter freezer are adjustable for your liking, and match the same size specifications used for your oven increasing efficiency and flow of your business operations.

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