Glass Door Freezers Top Mounted Works


  • Top Mounted Glass Door Freezers
  • Tropicalised
  • Available in one, two or three door models
  • Automatic demisting of all doors and fascias
  • Brilliant energy-saving LED lighting internally
  • Forced draught refrigeration
  • White
  • Light box at Top
  • Triple glazed doors
  • Self-closing doors with open ‘dwell’ for loading
  • Electronic digital temperature display & control
  • Time saving and cost effective automatic defrost and automatic water disposal
  • CFC-Free polyurethane insulation
  • Freezer: -18°C to -22°C
  • Rated for 40°C ambient working conditions
  • Range of Glass Door Display Freezers models to suit your business requirements or contact us to discuss your requirements.
Enquiries modelExterior / Interiordoorslitres-nominaldimensions
Add To Quote Cart M1301 White 1 500L 650W x 2040H x 830D
Add To Quote Cart M1302 White 2 950L 1260W x 2040H x 750D
Add To Quote Cart M1303 White 3 1400L 1870W x 2040H x 750D
Add To Quote Cart M1331 Stainless Steel 1 500L 760W x 2040H x 800D
Add To Quote Cart M1332 Stainless Steel 2 950L 1212W x 2040H x 730D
Add To Quote Cart M1333 Stainless Steel 3 1400L 1818W x 2040H x 730D
Add To Quote Cart M1351 Black 1 500L 650W x 2040H x 830D
Add To Quote Cart M1352 Black 2 950L 1260W x 2040H x 750D
Add To Quote Cart M1353 Black 3 1400L 1870W x 2040H x 750D

Glass Door Freezers Top Mounted Works

Looking for commercial glass door display freezers? The Artisan ™ Glass Door Top-Mount Display Freezer is a premium commercial freezer for easy product viewing of frozen food products in a supermarket, and commercial kitchen. Its top-mount refrigerator is designed for hot commercial areas to provide excellent visibility and convenience to your customers, and the built in adjustable shelves make it easy for you to organize your products in a way that matches your business preferences.

The unique auto-defrost means these units stay frost free internally which reduces maintenance. The triple glazed heated glass doors and the brilliant internal LED lighting not only make your products look their best but increases energy efficiency.

The powerful digital control allows these range of glass door freezers to be used for a large range of products and locations  Plus, this is an excellent choice for ice retailing; ask about our range of illuminated signs that we can provide.

These deluxe models come fully self-contained, auto defrost, on castors, and can be done to order in any color with signage. This greatly enhances or gives you a corporate look regardless of whether you have 1 site location or 1000’s. Artisan is always there for  all its customers, with service back up and customer care. we can even do customization with glass panels, sizes, heights, any much more….contact us today.

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