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Looking to buy a commercial chest freezer for your business? We have a great range of chest freezers that are ideal for any commercial business or retail enviornment. View our chest freezers for sale or call us now on 1300 278 472 for a custom solution.

Artisan Food Equipment offers a range of display chest freezers that are ideal for any retail environment that sells a variety of foods and beverages.

This Supermarket Island Chest Freezer for sale is the perfect solution to maximise your workspace environment, given their small compact size and heavy duty wheels.

This Minimart Chest Freezers for sale is truly the most convenient freezer storage solution for small or large businesses, including cafés, restaurants, or any other food service business.

The Artisan Dual-temp Island Display Fridge Freezers are a state of the art solution to the storage and display of your cold food products, perfect for groceries or supermarket.

Artisan’s New Release Scoopy Ice-cream Display Cabinet is the solution for every ice-cream business owners out there. Venice ice-cream display cabinet .

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Why Buy Your Chest Freezers From Us?

Searching for Chest Freezers suppliers in Australia? Artisan Food Equipment is your one stop shop for all types of Chest Freezers for bakeries, butchers, cafes, delis, gyms, hotels, restaurants, schools, petrol stations, shops, supermarkets and any other hospitality or retail businesses.

Our Chest Freezerss are produced in state-of-the-art facilities either in Europe, Taiwan and Sydney. They all undergo thorough quality tests to ensure we provide the best quality and innovation in the commercial refrigeration and food display equipment.

We are an 100% Australian family run business that has been experts in the commercial fridges and freezers including Chest Freezerss for over 40 years. We take pride in offering reliability, integrity, and honesty to all our customers. We provide custom solutions and cater to your specific requirements to best help your business.

We provide exceptional after care services. We arrange the delivery of your Chest Freezerss and installation. We deliver across all of Australia and we deliver fast with care. If you ever need help or advice in the future regarding your purchase of Chest Freezerss or other commercial fridges or freezers, we will be happy to help.

Our Chest Freezerss for sale are great for supermarkets, delis, cafes, convenient stores, petrol stations, bars, bottle shops, ice cream stores and more.

Here at Artisan Food Equipment, we stock an extensive range of commercial freezers and fridges to suit all your commercial refrigeration needs. Buy your next Chest Freezers at wholesale or trade prices from Artisan Food Equipment today.

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Key Features to Look for When Buying Chest Freezers

For any food retail business, commercial fridges are one of the most important assets.

Whether you are running a bakery, bar, café, hotel, shop or restaurant, the need to keep your food items at the appropriate temperature is paramount.

We, at Artisan Food Equipment, understand that different food and beverage businesses have different commercial refrigeration requirements. If you have a commercial kitchen preparing or storing a lot of food items, it is most likely, you’ll need several commercial fridges for different storage and supply purposes. Smaller food outlets like cafes might only need a small number of commercial fridges.

Regardless of the type of hospitality business, you operate, there are several essential features you will need to know when looking to buy commercial fridges for your business.

A good energy efficient commercial fridge will reduce the power consumption thus saving you money on your power bills. If your commercial fridge is going to be used over a long period, then it is worth paying a bit more on an energy efficient commercial fridge, as it will lower running costs over the lifetime.

Once you’ve decided on a size of the commercial fridge, you’ll have to start thinking about how your staff or customers are going to be using the commercial fridge.

For example, is it best to have a stand-alone  commercial fridge or does your business need clear glass door on the commercial fridge, as you will quickly be able to see what supplies and stock you have available. In addition, if your commercial fridge is used by customers,  it will make the job of your merchandiser simpler, as they can review the goods they are displaying with ease.

Having an automatic defrost system on commercial fridge is essential as  a build-up of ice can lead to poor performance and efficiency and limit the in your commercial fridge’s natural life.

Automatic defrosting in your commercial fridge will save you significant amount of time from manually removing the ice. By programming the automatic defroster to kick in when required means that there is no need to remove all your stock to coolers so that you can turn off the fridge to melt any ice build-up.

A good energy efficient commercial fridge will reduce the power consumption thus saving you money on your power bills. If your commercial fridge is going to be used over a long period, then it is worth paying a bit more on an energy efficient commercial fridge, as it will lower running costs over the lifetime.

Climate class ratings have been created to assist businesses to keep stock appropriately and consistently cool by matching commercial fridge to the immediate climate conditions it’s being used in. 

For instance, if your commercial fridge is being used on the café floor, then a standard climate class rating should be appropriate. However, if it’s placed in a busy commercial kitchen, where the temperature is often above 32 Celsius, a tropical class rating would be required.

Commercial fridge with self-closing doors will help to save energy and are especially useful when you have got your hands full.

Some commercial fridges also have a pedal opening mechanism, so you don’t even need to touch the door – far more hygienic.

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Chest Freezers

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